The beautiful case chewable

The blogosphere much agitated about products Belle chewable When they came out. A year ago that the mark has been surface, first with specific products for the bath, the eye contour and masks then now comes the turn of daily use products. The approach is different from most of marks that still target stock products before placing on the market products more oriented.


Publicité Belle à croquer


However I'm leaning on this young brand packaging “powder in the eyes” and the name to salivate any gourmand.

I wanted to learn to make me an idea, I do not like usually when a product makes me too want nothing in the light, It's never good sign.

Belle à croquer : le chocolat


So while remaining objective I tested the range Belle chewable and “To report my warrant officer !!!!”

Belle a chewable has found a name do parlir more than one, It sounds good, Joli, While finesse. It is same for the names of their products ” Foam temptation chocolate” for the body mask or “Elixir of love Apple” for day cream. Frankly the guys are good ! I tell the guys to any world in the same bag, There are always girls in this team, one feels much too the part of femininity of the product. In any case the approach is really good. There are even personal advice on packaging. It much made me think the Smoothie brand Innocent where you can find cute stuff written on the packaging. It plays the card of the proximity and it works !

Belle à croquer : Elixir pomme d'amour

Then there is interest in the formulation. We are offered products to 95% natural extracts. At a time where it is super goof to parabens and phenoxy machinchouette, We are not going to ignore this information. Whoa but where will stop the brand, I wonder !!!! And ben there !!! And Yes, I am sorry to have an opinion also but unfortunately decided the rest of the report, My Colonel is not glorious !

I just told you that it was a brand of large surfaces and where it gets stuck is the price that oscillates between 10 and €14. This is not excessive but it's still great surface and for the same price you will find another quality at L'oreal for example.

Then, Yes products are 95% natural but natural what, where, How ???? The positioning is not clear, is not stopped. Today is we go in the bio be one remains in the traditional and the it's the preppy kind “BCBG's supermarkets”, It doesn't mean anything in some kinds.

Belle à croquer : Nuage de crème à la guimauve

So yes the packaging is to fall, the pictures are gorgeous but open the pot and at the end of 5 mask minutes cloud of cream Marshmallow on the face not only smell you will be unbearable because too sweet, too heady and the product will sting you. I tested the 2 masks and I had the same feeling of tingling. Not too surprising considering the formulation of these two products is whether realize they contain irritating agents (It was good my 2 years post Bachelor cosmetic !!! :-)).

Belle à croquer : Bain au Yoghourt

Yogurt bath plays in the same category, the original packaging allows us to “sale” our bath in order to transform our Milky bath water. In the end we are left with a milky wave and the skin is ultra dry out of the water.

I was talking about the mask foam temptation chocolate that feels relatively good time, but it is a real ordeal to rinse…Ah ! It is beautiful full of traces of chocolate in the back, and in addition it completely dries our epidermis. So not only is galley chocolate body with nutella “version cosmetic”, then on quail until such time as the product is effect and then on galley to rinse for what ?…Any dry skin !

Then of course all products are not bad, I still liked the “Very sweet manufacturer fudge” that hydrate well and the smell is pleasant. Spice Scrub convinced me as a scrub that I will redeem perhaps but here I am still on my hunger.

Belle à croquer : Scrub d'épices

These products want to put full view and in the end do not go after things. I would say that it is a brand that can affect teens who love the delicacies, smells very sweet so if indeed it was targeting this clientele, the mark got it right.

How about you, your feeling is also sliced than me ???

Go to very quickly ! Good evening

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6 Responses

  1. Paillettes et Futilités says:

    Ce qui m’avait frappé avec cette marque, c’est la déferlante d’avis positifs quand la marque avait envoyé ses produits aux blogueuses, puis la déferlante d’avis négatifs venant de personnes ayant acheté elles-mêmes les produits
    J’avais fini par acheter le masque à la guimauve qui ne m’a pas picoté mais que je ne trouve pas + efficace que ça (par contre j’adore l’odeur) : bilan mitigé, Therefore.
    Mais les nouveautés me tentent bien, et je pense que je m’achèterai les trucs au miel et la pomme d’amour pour me faire mon propre avis ^^

  2. beauty in the city says:

    belle revue ! j’ai le masque à la guimauve et je dois dire que je l’aime beaucoup, je ne trouve pas le parfum trop sucré ou écoeurant, et il me fait la peau bien douce, de toute façon quelque soit le produit ou la marque, il y a des contentes et des mécontentes, c’est normal nous sommes toutes différentes :)
    d’autres produits de la marque me tentent mais ceux que je ne testerais jamais car ils ne me font pas du tout envie : la mousse chocolat (j’adore le chocolat mais pour le manger, pas en cosméto), la poudre pour le bain et la crème au beurre

  3. Au Pays de Cerise says:

    J’ai la gelée au pamplemoussereçue par la marquemais ça ne m’empêche pas d’avoir un vrai avis : elle n’hydrate pas et la fin de l’application n’est pas top mais en même temps ce n’est pas ce qu’on lui demande. Elle est censée être rafraichissante et là, je dis OUI : c’est super agréable à utiliser en été !!!

    Le masque à la guimauve me tenterait bien ainsi que la rosée de concombre

  4. maman est occupée says:

    Tu es la première personne que je lis à ne pas être convaincue par cette marque. J’ai toujours un peu de mal pour ma part avec les cosmétiques vendus en grande surface.

  5. cocci says:

    héhé bein c EXACTEMENT ce que je me disait ou presque. Les odeurs sont a tomber. Mais l’éfficacite est 0.

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