Balms have the side this winter !

Mini size to slip into his bag for small headaches or then maximum pot to comfort our epidermis evening. The balsams bring all the sweetness that our skin needs to finish this winter.


Originally, the balm is a solid product with the waxy appearance that liquefies once heated the hands. The first time I had the opportunity to test, This is my darling who had brought me from a trip to the Nepal, It was a balm to the relaxing virtues for my cervical poor who were HS as a result of many hours of massages. Super effective despite a smell to leak a Skunk.

Balms today are more “cosmetics”, forms have been amended and found more protective softening oils without the fat that makes the image of the balm-side. Brands have managed to keep this power sliding and heating to a cream.

There are balms for face :

Baume Excellence of Decleor which is rich, soothing and its smell is very nice. The next day you can feel his skin nourishes in depth. This balm knows a big hit because much appreciated women from 40 years.

Purifying night balm by Decleor. I continue my momentum with Decleor products. It must be said that they have superb balms because there I don't quote that 2. This balm has an anti-inflammatory action on the small buttons and purifies the skin. The result is visible from 15 about days and frankly I'm amazed. It is based of Ylan Ylang and so the scent is to fall.

Eight Hour Cream Baume Apaisant Réparateur Sans Parfum Elizabeth Arden is also part of best SALVES for the protection. It has been “revisited” and so without perfume, short as the +++.

Baume d'hiver de DecleorThere are balms while 1 :

Beauty balm 14 Carita is a little gem in balm. It can be used on the body, the face but also on the tip of the hair to feed.

Monoi balm Hei Poa. If you have areas of the body especially abused by winter and want to escape to Tahiti so this balm is for you. A true concentrate of Sun. It nourishes and moisturizes and can also use on the hair.

– Good relief, Baume des Tigresses est le petit nouveau de Miss Ferling. It smells like Marshmallow and illico repairs body and face and its formula is anti-wrinkle. Pass on its site, It is worth (

Baume d'hiver

There are massage balms :

Genus : “Cheri need you to do me a massage because my skin is dehydrated” and Hop a relaxing moment ! A moins qu’il ait les mains calleuses et qu’en plus il masse comme un pied !

Spring massage balm of Themae. The originality of this product lies both in its composition to the 4 teas (Green, White, black and Red) and melting texture. This miraculous balm combines brilliantly the draining properties, anti-free radical, stimulating and circulatory. A nice discovery !

Relaxing massage balm by Decleor. I told you they had a nice variety of balms. Here is still one that does not left me indifferent. When you open the pot, one has the impression to return in a steam room, the smells are the same. Very nice…Finally for those who like this kind of perfume !

Baume d'hiver de Decleor

There are balms for baby :

So yes I enter my phase baby, Although he already had a small girl, I very want to cocoon at the moment then to wait watching products for small end ' cabbage.

– Icelandic balm Moa the green Balm. A balm 100% natural and very effective for the most fragile skin. It is multi-purpose and is very easy to apply.

– Baume MOM & Bébé de L’Occitane. Le Baume Maman & Baby is specially formulated to help feed, protect and soothe the skin of babies and the delicate skin of moms as well as prevent stretch marks.

Bio baby Cabigas balm. It is RESTful and takes care of the skin of babies, It is used willingly on the face and body.

Baume d'hiver de Decleor

And finally I will conclude on the caregivers balms :

It knows the famous Tiger Balm and its many soothing effects, anti-inflammatoires. Dans l’esprit des baumes d’antan, balms and creams BI POLE CAY are an invitation to travel.
Inspired by the beauty of the Viet Nam recipes, balms BI pole CAY are manufactured in France and remit, to the taste of the day of the secrets of plants used in Southeast Asia for thousands of years, and whose virtues are known.

Found 4 pots for 4 different needs (Migraines, skin irritations, repairman, relaxing). There are sold singly or in a box.

Baume d'hiver de Decleor

And otherwise (After I stop there) il y aussi toute la gamme du Balm of the OWL for bites, the vitality, sleep, fight colds….


Go to these notes soft and soothing, I wish you a nice evening !




Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Corinne says:

    J’utilise actuellement le baume nuit de chez Décléor , je le résume en un mot/

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