Tape me in five, lush deals with our hands !

A kit soft hand happens in all shops Lush en édition ultra limitée.

Give Me Five tape m'en cinq lush


The kit is at the rate of € 23.95 and includes :

Give Me Five tape m'en cinq lushSCRATCH !! (100g)

A solid and fair with fennel and stimulating ginger scrub.
It is glutted with sugar to exfoliate dead skin cells and invigorate the skin.

Oooohhh hands (60g)

Strong serum for hands, to feed dry hands or irritated.
Cocoa butter, Aloe vera, Argan oil, a whole program !
Melt between Palms prior to entering, simply

Nimble fingers (10g)

Citrus soothing balm
A lemon cream to nourish the cuticles : This little wonder can arrange everything with its beeswax, his avocado oil and its mango and Shea butters !
Possibility to put also on the elbows, knees and toes.

Lend me your hand ! (50g)

Hand cleanser
To gently clean our hands : rose, Chamomile, tea tree, Lavender (and oats of course) anything to calm, repair and protect your low

SOAP 13 (50g)
A superb antibacterial soap with rose, honey and oregano to purify your hands and your entire body.

Then pamper your little hands with this assortment of hydrating care, cleansers and scrubs.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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